“Service and results are my top priorities, and I am building relationships for life.”
- Debbie Sharp

Client Reviews

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $1.85M in San Carlos, CA.
Debbie has put together an amazing team. Carol and Suzanne started by asking detailed questions to pin point our search and not waste our time looking at homes that didn't fit our needs.. With in a couple of weeks they found the house of our dreams. Carol put together an aggressive offer and to help she created a bio with pictures. Lisa gave us several contractors to help with remodel and followed up every couple days to ensure everything was going well. If you're looking for full service team that caters to your every need that look no further then the Sharp team.
I have no doubt that we would not have had our offer accepted were it not for your efforts and professional presentation. You navigated us through a number of things we never would have thought of during the process. Starbucks cards, offer recommendations, getting the locks changed, mailing address change cards, rent-back incentives...all of these things showed me that you are not another salesperson trying to "close another one", but that you are truly helping people in a difficult real estate market realize their dreams. You turned a process that feels like "swimming with sharks" into a day at the beach!
—John Powers